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Proposing On A Leap Year

Platinum engagement rings are the perfect choice for both men and women, because of their inherent style and elegance.  This is especially great if you are planning to propose in the upcoming leap year. Leap years are the year in the Gregorian calendar in which the addition of an extra day to the calendar every four years compensates for the fact that a period of 365 days is shorter than a solar year by almost 6 hours. What this all this means for couples is that woman can traditionally propose to men. So now is the time for you ladies to start thinking about choosing platinum engagement rings for your man. The story of how the tradition of women proposing to men, came about varies from country to country. In Ireland the tradition is meant to stem from St Bridget complaining to St Patrick having to wait around for a man to propose and so Patrick decreed that women could propose on the one extra day in a leap year. The English have a less sentimental version of this tale. The extra day was ignored by English law and as such people believed that other customs were also temporality not applicable. As such women could buck tradition and propose to the men in their lives. In Scotland the tradition is taken a step further by the addition of the caveat stating that if a man declines the invitation, he has to pay a fine. While opting for diamonds and platinum engagement rings may not be the best choice for a man. The platinum ring company has a full range of platinum wedding rings for men, which would make an excellent choice. We also offer platinum wedding rings for when he accepts your proposal. Our range features a selection of beautifully crafted two tone platinum wedding ring uk, made of titanium and platinum. The two metal’s contrasting tones create a stunning piece of jewellery that he will be proud to wear every day.  For you ladies out there, who make the choice of proposing to your guy this coming leap year, you may want a diamond encrusted wedding ring to compensate for the lack of an engagement ring. We have a wonderful selection of styles of diamond wedding rings to choose from at the platinum ring company.