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Platinum Engagement Rings for Guys

There’s an age-old myth about getting engaged that says only the woman can wear an engagement ring to show that she’s taken. But in today’s forward-thinking society, why shouldn’t guys tell the world that they’re engaged too? After all, if diamond and platinum engagement rings are good enough for the likes of Mariah Carey’s fiancée and David Beckham, then surely they’re good enough for every guy? The trick to finding perfect platinum engagement rings for men is to choose chunky designs that retain a masculine image whilst communicating that he is committed. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Not Just for Girls

If you think engagement rings are just for girls, then think again. There is absolutely no reason why a man can’t express that he is taken, and wear a ring to complement that of his fiancée. There are now so many more rings for men on the market, not least of all because gay men can now marry, and will be looking for rings to wear. Men aren’t the only ones proposing. Some women might like to pop the question to their other half, especially if it’s a leap year and they can take advantage of that special custom. In these cases, the woman will naturally want to find the ideal ring style for her guy.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Styles for Guys

Platinum engagement rings are the best style for guys, because of their tough, durable nature, and the way they can look masculine depending on the style. If your woman has opted for a traditional solitaire diamond platinum engagement ring, then you could choose a thick platinum band studded with a tiny diamond, or just left plain or mixed with a titanium band. Some men might not like the idea of a specialist platinum engagement ring, so to find a truly simple style that he’ll like, you could find him a platinum wedding ring with a no-fuss design that he can wear before the big day. Then simply upgrade the ring to a larger or more expensive style for when you say “I do”.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Where to Buy

Online jewellery specialists are a great place to start, as you can browse through hundreds of designs of platinum engagement rings whilst he’s at work, and give him a real surprise. If he catches you coming out of a high street jewellery store he may get suspicious, or wonder why you’re buying yourself jewellery. If you both know you want to get engaged, then you can search together, considering which styles will match each other so you can have a feminine engagement ring with beautiful diamonds, and he can opt for a more masculine platinum engagement ring.