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A Pledge Outside of Marriage

Wedding rings are symbolic of two people joining together in marriage – a legal, binding contract. And marriage is for some people, especially religious couples, hugely important. Even for the non religious, marriage represents a level of commitment and trust in each other. Traditionally, eternity rings are used to mark and commemorate an existing marriage. But more couples are redefining the rules and using eternity rings as an alternative to the institute of marriage and wedding rings.

Platinum Eternity Rings – Making and Breaking Traditions

Traditionally, eternity rings are exchanged between husband and wife anytime after the first wedding anniversary. Although some opt for eternity rings at key, defining moments, such as having a child, eternity rings can also be used after a difficult time such as overcoming an illness or coming through a bereavement. But as more couples opt for relationships without feeling the need to get married, eternity rings are also offering an attractive alternative.

Expressing Unity with Platinum Eternity Rings

There are many reasons why a couple may not get married but still wish to express their commitment, trust and unity with eternity rings. At the turn of this century, the number of people getting married declined as divorce rates rose revealing that more couples were falling out of love with the idea of married bliss. With statistics showing two in five marriages can end in divorce, cohabiting is an attractive alternative, with eternity rings replacing wedding rings. Eternity rings are also an attractive option for people who want to commit to each other but don't want to marry till much later in life. Weddings can be hugely costly affairs that can take years to save up for – eternity rings offer a stepping stone for those who want to express their love but aren't ready for the big white wedding.

Platinum Eternity Rings – Changing with the Times

With an estimated four out of ten babies born out of marriage and a huge increase in single parent families, marriage is no longer seen as necessary for many couples. And the huge costs of a marriage breakdown from divorce proceedings and legal action means more couples are wary about entering the institution, opting for eternity rings as a romantic alternative to signify undying love. Eternity rings evolved from wedding rings and are worn on the ring finger, but for some eternity rings are symbol enough of a couple's unison.