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From Here to Eternity

It goes without saying that the history of eternity rings are closely tied to the history of wedding rings given the roundness of rings signifying an eternal love and this is an ethos that infuses both wedding rings and eternity rings. The concept and principles undepinning eternity rings can be seen in many traditions throughout history and they have a very eventful past which has helped to shape eternity rings as we know them today. More and more couples are choosing to buy eternity rings for one another as they really are a great means by which to exhibit your level of commitment towards a partner and the sheer wealth of options that are now available when it comes to eternity rings means that you are sure to be able to find a style, shape and budget to suit your needs. Many believe that the origins of eternity rings can actually be traced back as far as 2000BC and this is something that certainly adds a sense of gravitas to those wearing eternity rings today.

Platinum Eternity Rings - A Breathtaking Piece

The vast majority of eternity rings on the market today are characterised by the fact they are stone set and, in most cases, this is with diamonds. Eternity rings really do look the part and undoubtedly a welcome addition to anyone's jewellery collection. A common design for eternity rings tends to be in the form of 'half' and 'full' eternity rings. A 'half' eternity ring will have diamonds placed partially around the shank of the ring and 'full' eternity rings are different in the sense that they will have diamonds all the way around the piece.

Platinum Eternity Rings - Never Ending Love

Eternity rings are proving extremely popular today as they provide a superb means of showcasing one's level of commitment in an eye-catching piece of jewellery. One of the oldest examples of eternity rings is over 4000 years old and was discovered in Ur and this just goes to show the enduring nature of eternity rings and just how symbolically powerful they can be as a piece of jewellery. Eternity rings may already be centuries old as a concept but their popularity certainly shows no signs of abating.