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How And When To Wear Your Eternity Ring

Many people long for an eternity ring, but may be unsure about when and how to wear it. Does it go on the same finger as your wedding and engagement ring? Do you wear it all the time, or only for special occasions? Do eternity rings replace wedding rings or are they worn together?

Wearing platinum eternity rings

These are all good questions, although ultimately where and when you wear your eternity ring is up to you. Just as there are no rules for when to buy eternity rings, there are no real rules about how you wear them, although there is some traditional etiquette. Eternity rings are effectively a new wedding ring. The single band still symbolises ongoing love, and eternity rings are set with diamonds or other precious stones as a sign of the continuing and deepening love in the relationship. For that reason, some people choose to replace their wedding bands with an eternity ring, wearing them instead of the plain band, alongside their engagement ring. For others, eternity rings are an addition to the wedding bands and are worn alongside both wedding and engagement rings on the same finger.

Platinum eternity rings on different fingers

Of course, you could choose to wear your eternity ring on a different finger, and this is fine if it’s comfortable for you. You may find that your ring size has changed since you were married – particularly if you are buying your eternity ring for a significant anniversary, such as your 25th or 40th . For this reason, it might be easier to buy an eternity ring that’s the right size for a different finger than to get everything else re-sized.

When to wear platinum eternity rings

For some, the eternity ring is an everyday ring, worn all the time, just like the wedding and engagement rings. For others, it’s a special occasion piece of jewellery that comes out for family celebrations or nights out when they want to feel dressed up. It’s really up to you how often you wear your eternity ring and where you wear it. The most important thing is that you appreciate the sentiment behind it and look after it well so that it continues to symbolise the love and commitment within your relationship for years to come.