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Platinum Eternity Rings Remain Constant

Exchanging platinum eternity rings is one of the most romantic gestures a married couple can make. And after years of marriage, eternity rings are a meaningful way of reminding a couple, and their friends and relatives, the true meaning of their relationship. Research shows that the honeymoon period in a marriage lasts just over two years. And although attraction brings most couples together, it's love that keeps them together.

Platinum Eternity Rings – Showing you Care

But, if a relationship is just based on looks, the couple is in for trouble. Marriage is about embracing a partner, including their faults and flaws. Those couples who wear platinum eternity rings on their 50th wedding anniversaries know the real meaning of marriage. The research into a bride's weight over her married life reveals something of her feelings about how secure her relationship is. Most women feel insecure about their weight at some time in their lives. In fact, weight has never been such a contentious issue as magazines flaunt size zero models and are crammed with diet tips. Offering platinum eternity rings to your wife is one way of saying you love her, no matter how much she weighs.

Platinum Eternity Rings – Worth their Weight

The research shows, not surprisingly, that women are most self-conscious about their weight when they start dating. They go on a strict diet. But as soon as they feel in the comfort zone of a relationship, they gain 10lb. Other fluctuations in weight often include the run up to their wedding day when they have the pressure of squeezing into a beautiful dress knowing that the eyes of their friends and family will be scrutinizing them. The research shows it isn't work pressure or a weakness to chocolate that influences women's weight – it's men. Lack of happiness is the biggest factor. Courtship often results in losing 5lb as women diet to impress their mate. Wedding plans will also inspire dieting and weight loss, but during child rearing years, women can put on a stone. Once they reach their fifties and their children are grown, weight loss tends to follow as they re-focus their energies onto themselves. Weight may not be consistent over a woman's life, but eternity rings are one way of saying that love is. If a woman is happy, her weight is stable according to the research by a weight management firm that polled 3,000 married women. 70% of women polled said their relationship was the biggest factor in their well being. Eternity rings are one way of helping ensure women feel content, secure and loved.