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According to most sources, the traditional material for a 70th wedding anniversary (particularly in the UK) is platinum and when we at The Platinum Ring Company consider it, this makes perfect sense. 

That such a rare, strong and enduring metal should represent such a long period of time in a relationship is entirely appropriate.  Platinum wedding rings can be seen as the beginning of a long relationship but we believe this sentiment can be applied, even more appropriately, to platinum eternity rings: from the perspective of most men and women, 70 years of marriage means you are likely to be approaching 100 years old and that is as close to eternity as humans tend to experience.

As early as 500BC, platinum jewellery has been discovered in ancient Egyptian coffins. The pristine condition of these pieces provides vivid evidence of platinum’s durability and strength.  In Europe, the popularity of platinum eternity rings was muted due to extreme rarity but, in the early 20th century, a major deposit was discovered in South Africa.  Thereafter, platinum’s strength, unique lustre and ability to remain untarnished encouraged the Western world’s finest artisans to incorporate it into platinum wedding rings as a direct corollary of this symbolism.

Although gold is still a perennial favourite across the world, platinum has, through its solidity, an aura of permanence. Coupled with that, its rarity has given it added exclusivity that makes it the most desirable of metals.

Similarly to the effect of diamonds, jewellery made from platinum captures both these sentiments; consequently the popularity of diamond platinum eternity rings has risen sharply.

Moreover, the toughness of platinum means quality platinum jewellery requires a highly skilled craftsman, adding even greater cache to the gift of platinum eternity rings. Platinum’s position as the most precious metal in the world gives it a gravitas that was previously given only to gold and it is this preciousness that makes it as desirable as a statement of devotion and strength in a relationship. 

Why not visit the ring collection here on our website and see how you can express the enduring love you hold for your significant other with our range of platinum eternity rings.