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Caring for your Wedding Ring

Platinum is one of the strongest precious metals and so because of this, it can be used at 95% purity compared to gold that would be too soft at this purity and so would scratch very easily.  

To avoid deep scratching to your new platinum wedding ring, we suggest that you remove your ring when doing any housework or when showering and bathing. We also suggest that you avoid it coming into contact with other jewellery as it may scratch against the different metal surfaces. If your ring does get scratched or you want it to have that extra sparkle it can very easily be polished back to its original beauty and shine. Most jewellery shops have the special equipment to do this, however we suggest you use a qualified expert who knows how to work with platinum.   Many people wrongly believe that platinum tarnishes and turns a grey colour as it ages, however this is not true. The denseness of platinum has means that it is the brightest shining precious metal. You can polish your exquisite platinum wedding ring as many times and as often as you want; due to the atomic strength between the molecules, no matter how many times you polish it it will not lose any metal.

Men’s platinum wedding rings are a popular choice due to its immense durability and are becoming a fast growing trend. Men’s platinum wedding rings will not weigh the hand down and are incredibly hard wearing and durable. These properties make these highly sought after wedding rings, suitable for the hands of hard working men.  

Here are Platinum Ring Company, we provide the most bespoke and luxurious platinum wedding rings as we understand that they are an item of upmost value to you that you will treasure forever, both physically and emotionally. You therefore want your ring to stay just as gorgeous as the day you bought it.

Following this advice your platinum ring will stay stunning for not only your lifetime but for generations to come. Visit our website to view our range or contact our experienced team for more information.