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Platinum Wedding Rings: How Expensive?

Platinum wedding rings are fast becoming the most sought after type of wedding jewellery as those getting married are bewitched by the effortless grace, striking visual impact and celebrity chic that is associated with platinum wedding rings. More and more of those who are making their way down the aisles in the tail end of 2008 and into 2009 may well find themselves exchanging platinum wedding rings when it comes to exchanging vows.

The popularity of platinum wedding rings is increasing exponentially and the aesthetic excellence of platinum wedding rings is one of the primary reasons that they are proving so immensely popular. The reason that many of those getting married are becoming enchanted with platinum wedding rings is due to the exclusivity of platinum as a precious metal. It is suggested that all the platinum that has ever been mined would fit into an average sized living room; which just goes to show how precious platinum is and why platinum wedding rings have such a draw to those making their way down the aisle.

Platinum wedding rings are also extremely durable which is important because most people will be wearing their wedding rings for many years.

Platinum Wedding Rings – An Extraordinary Metal

As precious metals go, few are more precious than platinum and this is the underlying principle as to why platinum wedding rings are so popular. Platinum is considerably more resistant to wear and tear than other common wedding ring materials such as gold and silver due to the fact that platinum wedding rings boasts a greater weight and density than their gold and silver counterparts. There are so many reasons that have combined to propel platinum wedding rings towards the top of the wedding jewellery hierarchy and it is little wonder that so many celebrity weddings today are seeing platinum wedding rings being exchanged as the exclusivity of platinum and platinum wedding rings makes them very appealing to celebrity couples.

Platinum Wedding Rings – Differences between Platinum and White Gold

Platinum wedding rings should be the genuine article in order for them to have the best visual impact and whilst white gold wedding rings have their place, any one serious about their jewellery will most likely prefer platinum wedding rings. The key distinction between platinum wedding rings and their white gold counterparts is the fact that platinum is a pure metal and white gold is a mixture of alloys which can't quite produce the same stunning visual effect.