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Japan Platinum Wedding Rings Sales Soar

After the dual disaster in Japan earlier this year, the damaged town of Sendai has seen dramatic increases in sales of platinum wedding rings. Department stores have reported that sales increasing by as much as 30% increase over the same period last year. While 30% may not seem like a massive hike, when taken into the context of a town which is recovering from both a tsunami and an earthquake, the figures are phenomenal.

When questioned about the surge in purchases of diamond and platinum wedding rings, retailers stated they believe it was simply because people were readdressing their priorities. 

The earthquake resulted in over 15,000 losses and a further 4,539 people reported missing, in the face of such loss it is understandable that people will be pulling together. Perhaps now it the time to learn the same lesson as the people of Sendai and show those that you love how you feel about them. If you have opted for a long engagement, then why not follow through and take the next step.

At the Platinum ring company we have a great choice of platinum wedding rings with diamonds and plain platinum wedding rings.

So you are bound to find a the perfect ring to suit both you and your partner. Your marriage is a union based on love and your choice of wedding rings reflects this.

Choosing a platinum wedding ring is a great option, as they are both practical and symbolic. Platinum resonates with symbolism of a rare love that will last for eternity, much like the metal itself. In terms of practicality platinum is an incredibly hard wearing metal, which is perfectly suited for a piece of jewellery that you are going to wear every day for the rest of your life. Another great benefit of platinum is hypoallergenic. Alternatives such as white gold tend to be alloyed with another metal, as 24k gold is too soft to retain the shape. As the vast majority of all the platinum we use is 95% (as proudly displayed on the rings Hallmark), they are the highest quality of platinum wedding rings available. If you have concerns regarding metal allergies, feel free to contact a member of our team