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Platinum Diamond Rings: Hard to Swallow

It was said to be one of the most romantic, if unusual, thefts for some time – a thief who couldn’t afford the platinum diamond ring he wanted to buy for his girlfriend’s engagement, decided to swallow it. The man desperately wanted to buy his girlfriend one of the beautiful platinum diamond rings as an expression of his love, but simply couldn’t afford the price tag. He was looking at the platinum diamond rings in a jewellery shop when he decided to swallow one of the rings, price tag and all, rather then walk away empty handed.

Thief Swallowed Platinum Diamond Ring

The thief swallowed the platinum diamond ring – dicing with the very real risk of choking to death – when the jeweller’s back was turned. He was arrested on suspicion and strip searched but the police could find no trace of the stolen platinum diamond ring. As the man had swallowed it whole, he thought he had gotten away with the theft. But then one police officer decided to put a metal detector over his stomach – giving the game away.

Nature Took its Course

It was clear the thief had swallowed one of the platinum diamond rings and an X-ray in hospital confirmed the suspicions when a ring-shaped object appeared. The thief however continued to deny that he had taken any platinum diamond rings. As such, police had to wait for ‘nature to take its course’. The thief managed to stave of nature for three days and nights – but eventually nature did take its course. The £1,750 platinum diamond ring was discovered and the man charged for theft.

Diamonds Disappeared!

The reason he gave the court for stealing one of the platinum diamond rings was so that he could ‘make a stylish proposal’ to his long-term girlfriend. The jeweller he stole the platinum diamond ring from said that he had no idea the man was a thief. He simply turned his back to fetch a couple more diamond rings for him to inspect, and when he returned – the ring had vanished.

Swallowing the Evidence

It isn’t the first case of thieves swallowing jewellery in an attempt to hide evidence. In 2002, a thief tried to get rid of his haul by swallowing it. An X-ray revealed three diamond rings in his stomach worth around £4,000. Police that time had to wait nine days before the jewellery emerged.

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