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Match Your Style: Two Toned Rings

It is fair to day that many people have a metal preference when it comes to jewellery, whether they prefer gold, a white metal such as platinum or rose gold.

It is also possible however that some people may like to wear a mix of metals, depending on your mood or clothing choice that day. If this is the case then, what do you do when it comes to choosing a wedding ring?

With many people being fashion conscious, men more and more so, the thought of wearing one colour wedding ring with all other jewellery may put you in a pickle. In reality you cannot buy three different rings, as this is not only expensive but also the rings may not symbolise the commitment you declare to each other on your wedding day.

So, what solution is there to the problem? At the Platinum Ring Company we have a great selection of gold and platinum wedding rings to choose from!

Platinum is a great metal choice for a ring because it is pure, precious and some may say more importantly, it does not tarnish easily and it is hard wearing, making it great value for money. It is also a relatively modern metal when used in jewellery but has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Gold however, has been sought after for generations and has remained a classic and popular metal choice.

Throughout history the Gold Standard has been the most common basis for monetary policy.

If you are looking for a two tone platinum wedding ring uk, then look no further! If you like both gold and platinum jewellery this would seemingly be the perfect solution to the predicament of which individual metal to choose on your wedding day! Gold and platinum beautifully complement each other in so much as the cool platinum offsets the warm gold drawing the eye to your finger. There are a number of ways to combine gold and platinum in wedding rings, some also have a beautiful centre diamond to add that extra special touch.

At the Platinum Ring Company we have free delivery on all UK orders, so once you have decided on your perfect two tone ring, don’t delay in getting it delivered straight to your door!