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Platinum Wedding Rings: Current Trends

Shopping for your wedding rings can feel like a daunting task, but doesn’t have to be with The Platinum Ring Company.

Choosing the ring that you will wear for the rest of your life has to be decided whilst you are testing wedding cakes, ordering flowers and designing invitations. Gold and platinum wedding rings are such a good choice, as the two tone platinum wedding ring uk looks stunning placed together. Even simple platinum rings look great with an added personal touch of either a popular diamond or sapphire. If you can find a basic style that you and your partner love and can add to, this will help ease the selection process and give your wedding ring even more meaning. The latest trends are difficult to keep on top of, that’s why we have put together a couple of top trends at the moment.

1.    Engraving. More people want their rings engraved with a sentimental message. Platinum is a great choice of metal to have engraved as it is more durable than other metals like white gold. Choosing a long lasting metal like platinum will mean that your memorable words will never fade away. Many 4mm platinum wedding rings have engraved the date of the couple’s first date together, so they can remember that special day they first met each other.

2.    Matching metals. A big trend on the increase at the moment is matching wedding rings. There is no rule that his and hers rings should match, but more and more couples are opting for matching bands. Take the recent marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, it has been reported that they both had similar matching platinum wedding rings. ‘Metal harmony’ symbolises the connection between the couple and the strength of the marriage.

3.    Vintage. Many women are getting ideas for their wedding rings from their family heirlooms. This allows a family tradition to be followed, knowing that your family’s history will be with you every day. A slim 2mm platinum wedding ring looks simply stunning next to a pink sapphire or diamond. Do you have a symbolic family stone that you could add to a platinum ring?

For more ideas on platinum wedding rings for you and your partner, visit The Platinum Ring Company website today.