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Platinum Wedding Rings – Celebrity Rumours

Whether film stars are wearing their wedding rings or not can create headline news in the gossip magazines and tabloids. We are obsessed with the state of celebrities' love lives. The furore around Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony is a case in point. One minute the pair aren't wearing their wedding rings, the next they are.

For the rest of us mere mortals, such a move could be easily explained (and it's unlikely few would notice whether we were wearing our wedding rings or not). Doing the dishes, playing sport or swimming for example are common reasons to take off wedding rings.

But for a celebrity to take off their wedding ring, rumours of divorce, affairs and a marriage on the rocks are quick to surface.

Platinum Wedding Rings – Celebs Under the Spotlight

The fact Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are frequently snapped without their wedding rings has resulted in a wealth of allegations and gossip about an impending divorce. And yet, it doesn't take much for the fickle press to change their mind – the pair were photographed at a Barack Obama celebration party recently, both wearing their wedding rings. The press immediately picked up on the move as one that was deliberately sending out signals to calm the divorce rumours. The wedding rings were seen as putting on a 'united front' on the red carpet. In a recent magazine interview Lopez tried to quell the gossip around their wedding rings, she said: “Every time I'm not wearing my ring, people think I'm getting divorced. That's crazy.” Jennifer Lopez added that she sometimes took off her wedding ring if it didn't go with her dress.

Celebrity Style Platinum Wedding Rings

As well as whether or not they are wearing their wedding rings, there is an obsession over the style of wedding rings that celebrities opt for. Fergie and Josh Duhamel were recently in the gossip columns after it was revealed the pairs matrimonial diamonds were designed by an exclusive Brazilian jeweller. Josh's wedding ring was overseen by his wife, featuring 'organic lines' and 'asymmetric edges'. Most couples opt for wedding rings of simple gold or platinum. As with anything in the world of celebrity however – whether it be issues of weight, money, property or wedding rings – it's bound to generate column inches.