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The Meanings Behind Ring Stones

The Meanings Behind Ring Stones

Make your engagement ring really meaningful by choosing a gemstone that is symbolic of your relationship. Perhaps opt for the birthstone of the month in which you had your first date or kiss.


February amethyst





July – ruby


September sapphire


November topaz


Or if you’re considering a specific coloured gemstone, consider the meaning behind it and ensure that it symbolises something beautiful, rare, and precious, like the love you plan on sharing for the rest of your lives. Take a look at these five most popular engagement ring stones.


This beautiful blue gem has become exceptionally popular since the engagement of His Royal Highness Prince William to Kate Middleton.  Using the precious heirloom that belonged to his mother, Prince William proposed with Princess Diana’s gorgeous sapphire engagement ring. Follow suit and choose sapphire, a stunning stone that symbolises qualities required in a healthy relationship - loyalty, faithfulness, truth, sincerity, constancy and reliability.


This eye-catching beauty became a popular choice in the 1980s when Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson with a fiery red Burmese ruby surrounded by diamonds. And more recently, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg got down on one knee with a ruby engagement ring! Will this spark a trend amongst Facebook Fans? Who knows. A ruby signifies strength, warmth and passionate love, as well as courage due to its vibrant colour.


This gorgeous stone is said to be the sacred stone of Venus, the goddess of love. Halle Berry has a unique emerald and diamond engagement ring which was given to her by Olivier Martinez – didn’t he do well?!  This stunning stone is thought to possess phenomenal powers of healing, luck and love. Emerald green also suggests the concept of fertility, as it is a colour that constantly renews itself in nature through generations.


This enchanting stone is colourless in its most pure form and resembles the diamond. However the natural impurities within the stone can cause it to be a variety of colours from yellow, to orange to the notorious blue hues.  Topaz is a very popular stone, and with all of the possible varieties of colours; it can make a beautiful and unique engagement ring. Topaz is symbolic of loyalty and love; it represents eternal romance and friendship.


The ever popular diamond is a classic choice for an engagement ring. Renowned as the quintessential, universal symbol of love, the diamond in its rarity and beauty has resonated through the ages to emerge today as powerful as ever. In history, it was said that cupid’s arrow was tipped with diamonds, which is why the diamond is regarded as the messenger of romantic love. Jewellery trends come and go but a diamond engagement ring is timeless. If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring, look no further than the Platinum Ring Company. Specialising in stunning platinum rings, you’ll no doubt find the perfect ring to pop the question. Take a look at the website for an exquisite range of quality diamond engagement rings.