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The Only Metal Fit For a King

Platinum wedding rings should be your rings of choice on your big day, choosing your wedding rings is a difficult job, there are so many to choose from these days, one massively growing area is men's platinum wedding rings. It is quite usual for all the attention to be on the bride and it is quite usual for men to wear a plain band. Platinum wedding rings as we know them were first created roughly 100 years ago, however, naturally-occurring platinum and platinum-rich blends have been known for a long time.

There have been traces of platinum recalled through time as far back as Ancient Egypt it was used then to decorate elaborate household ware; it was first used to create jewellery in South Africa over two thousand years ago. It wasn’t until 1751 that platinum was considered a precious metal by Swedish scientist Theophil Scheffer. It was in the 1780’s when King Louis XVI of France declared it the only metal fit for a king. So if you would like your wedding ring to be made from the only metal fit for a king you should most definitely choose platinum. Platinum is more precious than gold, the price of platinum changes along with its availability, but it normally costs slightly less than double the price of gold, this explains the difference in prices between platinum jewellery and gold jewellery.

Despite the possibility of paying a little extra for platinum it really is a case of you get what you pay for with platinum wedding rings being more durable than gold, it is a metal that will withstand years of wear. Men’s platinum wedding rings are currently receiving more attention than previously and men are looking for slightly more elaborate designs when choosing their platinum wedding rings, your wedding ring is something you wear on a daily basis so you want it to be right for you. At the Platinum Ring Company we are certain that we have a ring perfect for everyone whether it’s something traditional you are looking for or a modern patterned band that is embellished or even one with diamonds incorporated into it.