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Wedding Rings: Don’t Lose Yours

Wedding Rings: Don’t Lose Yours

For many, wedding rings are priceless, which is why the story of one woman who gave up her wedding ring voluntarily for a good cause is truly remarkable. The local news across the world is scattered with heartfelt pleas from people who have lost their wedding rings. In a few cases, there are miraculous, heart warming endings. In others, the person with the missing ring is left with an impossible feeling they can't let go of - a niggling feeling in the stomach every time they think of their lost wedding rings. This is illustrated by the story of Richard Sarsfield. Richard noticed his wedding ring was missing after playing football with his son one evening. But it wasn't just any wedding ring – it was a band made from his parents' melted-down wedding rings. His father gave him the ring on the night before his wedding day – and naturally the ring had massive emotional attachment given that his mother died of cancer when he was just 18. The wedding ring wasn't just about his future wife, but felt like a piece of his mother too.

Platinum Wedding Rings – A Frantic Search

Richard spent hours looking for the ring that combined his parents' wedding rings. He scoured the football pitch and even bought a metal detector to help find his needle in a haystack. He believes the ring fell off his finger thanks to the cold weather. In the meantime, he's relying on other peoples' decency if they do find the ring to hand it in.

How Platinum Wedding Rings can make a Difference

The impact of the loss of the wedding ring shows how much emotional value people place on their wedding rings. And it's precisely the impact and value of our wedding rings that makes the story of a housewife in California so extraordinary. Jana Trabert was happily married, very much in love and in her own words 'the most ordinary housewife'. Like other couples, the platinum wedding rings were representative of their love, but Jana decided, with her husband's blessing, to sell her wedding ring and donate the money to a local charity called With This Ring. The charity's aim is to build wells in Africa. But the housewife took things to an even more extraordinary level and she and her husband not only sold their wedding rings, but sold their house to downsize and live a simpler life, donating more money to the cause. The charity asked for mens rings to be donated. They told the local press: “It's a reminder that we have more wealth on one finger than most of the world's residents see their entire lives.” Around 50 women have donated their wedding rings. But for many couples, the emotional value far outweighs the financial, which is why the act of this 'ordinary' Californian housewife is so extraordinary.

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