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Is Your Wedding Ring Real?

Is Your Wedding Ring Real?

Make sure you’re buying the genuine article when it comes to silver, gold or platinum wedding rings. Increasing numbers of couples are choosing to make many of their wedding arrangements online. From invitations to wedding rings, you can now buy many things online, but you want to be sure that you’re getting the best quality when you order.

Hallmarked Platinum Wedding Rings

All jewellery or other items that are made from silver, gold or platinum should be hallmarked. This is a traceable mark that certifies that the item is made from the appropriate metal. The gold jewellery from Metal Couture is reliably hallmarked to insure consumers of the legitimate quality of not only the designs but the metal used. Different qualities of metal have different hallmarks, so you know, for example, whether something is 18 carat gold or 24 carat gold. The presence of a hallmark should stop a retailer selling an item as one thing when it is really another. That’s why, when you’re buying your wedding rings, you should ideally check that your jeweller is supplying you with hallmarked wedding rings.

How Hallmarking Works

Wedding rings are hallmarked to prove they have a certain metallic makeup. Hallmarking has been around for hundreds of years, and the methods used to differentiate one hallmark from another have varied very little over that period of time. The hallmark is made up of three or four separate marks:
    • Maker’s or sponsor’s mark - the person or company who made, imported or retails the item.
    • Standard mark - shows the purity of the metals used. These are identified by numbers, which are different for gold, silver and platinum.
    • Assay office - there are now four assay offices in the UK and this mark will show which assay office assessed the item.
    • Date mark - since 1998, it has been optional to mark the date, but many companies still choose to do so.

Whilst most items sold in the UK have UK hallmarks, there are also hallmarks from other countries which are acceptable on imported precious metals. It’s worth knowing, if you’re planning to buy your platinum wedding rings abroad, or you don’t know the country or origin of your wedding rings, that overseas hallmarks are acceptable in most cases.

Your Platinum Wedding Rings

If you buy good quality gold, silver or platinum wedding rings, they will carry hallmarks. The size and width of the wedding rings means that the hallmarks will be tiny and you won’t be able to read them with the naked eye, but with a magnifying glass, you should be able to find all the information about the quality of your wedding rings that you need.

The Platinum Ring Company was established to offer quality platinum wedding rings at discounted prices. We are able to offer such discounts because we have no costly premises and are able to keep our overheads low by dealing with the manufacturers directly. Having been in the retail jewellery business for over a decade, the products we offer represent classic examples of beautifully crafted, high-quality rings, manufactured by the best, award winning British manufacturers.