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Why Platinum Best Complements Diamonds

Many owners of diamond and platinum engagement rings have stated that they truly appreciate the beauty that comes from both the stone and the band and how they accentuate each other.

Diamonds are without a doubt amongst, if not the most stunning of all precious gems. They exude both class and elegance, their complex composition and beautiful sparkle is something unattained by other gem stones. What better metal is there to show off these amazing white stones than the “king” of white metals – platinum! Platinum is one of the rarest elements in the Earth’s crust, making it a very sought after metal. Not only is it rare but it also has qualities that are best suited for jewellery pieces such as, platinum engagement rings, it is dense, pliable, malleable and valuable all rolled into one!

Even at high temperatures it is extraordinarily resistant to corrosion. The name platinum comes from the Spanish platina del Pinto which literally translates as “little silver of the Pinto River”. Platinum also has a mirror sheen to it, which perfectly complements the passionate sparkle of a diamond.

Diamond and platinum engagement rings are therefore the ultimate expression of love, with forethought and attention gone into the choosing of such a beautiful combination – who could turn that down!?

Also if you are thinking about a long term investment then platinum is both timeless and durable, platinum engagement rings, platinum wedding rings and other platinum jewellery will look as good in 50 years’ time as the day you bought them – making them the perfect heirlooms to pass on to your family. Moreover as a commodity platinum is traded and at times its price outweighs that of gold!

If you are looking to propose and are searching for a ring, then we at the Platinum Ring Company are firm believers that you cannot go wrong with the beautifully complimentary diamond and platinum engagement rings.

We stock both diamond solitaire as well as diamond trilogy platinum engagement rings and with free delivery on all UK orders and a 28 day money back guarantee, we are sure you’ll be happy with our service!