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Why Platinum is Replacing Gold

Gold was once the most traditional metal used for wedding rings. Its rarity and beauty made it the most desirable metal used in wedding ceremonies, reflecting the sacred union of marriage. Initially, gold was the monopoly of the rich and famous but, with gold being more common and affordable, some people are looking to platinum as a way of stating their undying love for one another and to wear rings that will last throughout their life together.

Platinum wedding rings look both modern and classic at the same time. Its sheen and brilliance can match and even outshine that of gold, especially if you consider wedding rings made of pure platinum.

In the past, platinum wedding rings were mixed with gold but pure platinum rings are becoming more accessible. Platinum wedding rings also offer practical advantages over those made of silver and gold.

Platinum is the most durable of the precious metals and it less prone to scratches or tarnishing. With many people wearing their wedding rings as part of their daily routines, it is necessary to find a metal that will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life and the stresses that might be placed on it through work or outdoor pursuits. Silver and gold, being softer, are more likely to scratch and tarnish, losing their sheen after years of use.

Platinum is also a neutral metal and usually doesn’t cause any allergic reactions, as gold has been found to. It can be a heartbreaking process to track down a gold ring and go through the fitting – only to find that the ring is uncomfortable or irritating to wear through a dermatological reaction. Although platinum is one of the hardest precious metals, that doesn’t mean that you have to forsake elegance for durability.

Despite its tough reputation, platinum can be crafted just as well into intricate designs. You may well have considered a Celtic wedding band with all its swirls and engravings; this can be achieved just as well using platinum as gold or silver.

Another benefit of platinum is that any stones you may choose to set in your wedding ring are more likely to be complemented by its neutral colouring. Certain stones can look darker when set in gold or can even clash with its colouring entirely; a factor that you do not have to take into consideration with platinum.