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Wedding Rings: The Mysterious Tradition

Platinum wedding rings in a variety of styles including, for example, gold and platinum wedding rings are the ring of choice at the minute, but have you ever wondered why we exchange wedding rings as a symbol of marriage?

The wedding ring is now the most famous way of showing that a man and woman are husband and wife, placed on the right or the left ‘ring finger’ whilst exchanging vows. There were many early cultures that believed that the circle was a representation of eternity; this is believed to be because circles have no beginning and no end.

Similar to time, this is one reason why platinum eternity rings are so popular because platinum is said to be able to last a life time as it is highly durable. Not just taking into account the outer band but the inside space of the circle was considered important too, many thought of this as showing a gateway, a door to known and unknown events. Although platinum wedding rings are a commonly sought after pieces of jewellery in today’s society, it is believed that the tradition of wearing a wedding ring originated from the Egyptians.

This was when rushes and reeds were braided into rings or larger bracelets for the wrist, this obviously was not the longest lasting of materials and soon these rings were made out of materials such as hemp and leather, and then, further on down the line bone and ivory.

However we all know that now the most popular choice is platinum wedding rings alongside gold and silver. The precious metals were introduced when the idea came about that the gift was given to show the man trusted his bride with his material possessions. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that the idea of the exchanging of rings was introduced; it was initially just the women who wore a ring. It is said that the trigger for both partners wearing a ring was established during the world wars as spouses were being separated for long periods of time. Today, the exchanging of wedding rings has become one of the most essential parts of getting married.

At the Platinum Ring Company there are many styles of rings for you to choose from including gold and platinum wedding rings for men and womens platinum wedding rings with diamonds, fitting many budgets.

The modern wedding ring has created a global business for retailers, crafters, miners and importers, and to think this tradition all began with just a few rushes and reeds.