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Your Perfect Platinum Engagement Ring

The moment you propose to your potential fiancé is a moment where your fiancé can fall in love all over again- with a beautiful platinum engagement ring. Make your partner feel as special as the day you fell in love by choosing the most perfect ring designed specifically for them. What better says “you are the one for me” than a beautiful and exquisite platinum engagement ring that has been selected down to its finest detail to ensure it matches your partner perfectly?

With our Diamond Quality Guide, you are sure to find that perfect ring for that perfect moment. When choosing from our stunning range of engagement rings, the Quality Guide can help you every step of the way in order to choose the right ring for you.

This guides you through the different diamond qualities by assessing all the ranges of the “4c’s”, or more specifically: Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat. Within the Quality Guide is the GIA Diamond Grading Report. This Guide contains a plotted diagram of the diamonds clarity characteristics along with a graphic representation of the diamond’s proportions. It also presents the GIA cut range and D-Z colour range to ensure complete precision.

By referring to this helpful and detailed guide one is able to tailor the ring to exactly the way they want. For instance, ask yourself what colour diamond your partner will fall in love with most. Is your partner pretty in pink?

Perhaps they are a cool blue? Or does your partner only want for the finest of things? If so choose a more intense shade for a fancier colour.

The precision does not stop here. By using a jeweller’s loop to observe the gems, this ensures the platinum engagement rings are of the desired Clarity and identifies the presence or absence of any flaws.

The Quality Guide also ensures the highest standard cut which is fundamental to the life, brilliance and dispersion of the diamond. And of course, the guide points you towards the ideal carat for your partner. In furtherance, the IGI

Diamond Report clarifies the standard of the diamonds and reassures customers that they are selecting from the best quality platinum engagement rings and getting what they pay for. This in all ensures the most breath-taking ring is selected to create the most breath-taking moment.

We, therefore, offer platinum engagement rings that are the perfect match for your partner; a sure sign that they are the perfect match for you. For more information on how you can choose the perfect platinum engagement ring, be sure to see our website for more information on the Quality Guide for our beautiful  platinum engagement rings