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Mothers Day

Make Mother’s Day Memorable and Propose

Make Mother’s Day Memorable and Propose

When you have a child together, Mother’s Day couldn’t be a more appropriate time to propose. Why? You can involve your little one in the proposal. Do you need inspiration on how to ask for her hand in marriage? Look no further. This guide will provide you with innovative ideas that are certain to surprise her.  

Breakfast in Bed

Make her feel special by treating her to homemade breakfast in bed. Remember, this isn’t just any type of breakfast, this is a proposal breakfast! Why not make a stack of delicious blueberry pancakes and have your child help out. You could spell out “Marry Me?” with freshly chopped fruit including strawberries, blueberries and bananas – a memorable breakfast indeed! Platinum engagement rings are expensive so you may want to refrain from placing it on top of the syrupy stack. Instead, carry the breakfast up on a tray and have your child follow with a single flower in one hand and the ring box in the other.  

Spa Day

Spoil her with a spa day this Mother’s Day. She’ll absolutely adore being pampered. Whilst she’s out for the day getting a relaxing massage or a revitalising facial, you can attempt making a Sunday lunch – she’ll love the tables being turned! Before you start cutting up the veggies, dress your child in a “Will you Marry my Daddy?” t-shirt. You can buy one of these treasures online so be sure to order it in time for Mothering Sunday. When your sweetheart returns home feeling fresh and invigorated, send your child to greet her and follow shortly with your platinum engagement ring. She’ll be completely thrown off guard and the aroma of home cooking will confuse her further!  

Photo Album

Get your child to present her with a photo album that you’ve made together and filled with photos including family holidays, birthday parties and many more memorable moments. On the last page of the album, have a photo of you and the little one holding a sign that says “Will You Marry Me?”. Upon seeing this photo, she’ll no doubt look up to find you down on one knee with a beautiful engagement ring. 

Family Meal

Go out to your favourite family restaurant for a Mother’s Day Meal and order a “special” dessert. If she insists on being too full, suggest ordering a dessert to share and have your child in on this to further plead for a pudding. The kitchen staff will be more than happy to arrange the dessert with a “Will You Marry Me?” swirl of sauce and it will be a special moment for the whole family to share! Mother’s Day is already a very special day, make it all the more special by using it to propose! For a stunning selection of platinum engagement rings, be sure to check out our product pages.