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A Gay Marriage Etiquette Guide

A Gay Marriage Etiquette Guide

Same sex marriage is finally legal and all couples now have the same rights. So you’re bound to be getting a load of wedding invites through your door over the next few months (if you haven’t already) or you may even be planning your own nuptials. But as this is a relatively new concept, what can you expect from a gay or lesbian marriage?

Who Proposes?

Traditionally, with same sex marriages, the man gets down on one knee; or the woman on a leap year. But what happens if there are two men, or two women? Well, the good old saying “first come, first serve” comes to mind. In a same sex marriage there aren’t any rules to who proposes. Some people may think the more butch character of the two should, but then in many cases the feminine partner wears the trousers in the relationship. So really it’s down to whoever asks first.

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend

When it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring, things get a little more complicated as a big sparkler may not be suitable. Simple and stylish platinum men’s rings have the same symbolism but may be a little more appropriate. After all, an engagement ring is about the symbolism not what it looks like.

Hens and Stags

Who says there has to be one stag and one hen do? In real life you wouldn’t see a chicken marrying a deer. You can still have separate celebrations, there will just be two hen dos or two stag parties. It’s your final night of freedom so go wild and celebrate with your friends!

Money, Money, Money

Wedding tradition states that the parents of the bride should pay for the wedding and the groom’s parents should host it. But even with different sex couples this tradition is being thrown out the window so why should a same sex couple argue over which family pays.

Here Comes the Bride(s)

A procession is an integral part of a wedding ceremony so why not walk down the aisle together, each with your fathers and or mothers, and of course the bridesmaids too. Both of you can then have your moment in the spotlight; so get marching! There’s just the issue of deciding who walks down first!

Tossing the Flowers

Most gay weddings will get rid of the bouquets completely so the toss will just get scrapped, but for lesbian weddings why don’t both of you throw a bouquet each?

Who Changes Their Name?

Usually a woman will take her husband’s surname but with a same sex marriage you have a few options: • Pick one of your last names for both of you to take. • Hyphenate your surnames to create a double barrelled name. • Merge your surnames to create a new name. • Pick a completely different surname that you both like and change your names accordingly. So now you are in-the-know when it comes to same sex marriage etiquette. Don’t forget to Facebook tag us in your photos!