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Some Men Marry Men

Some Men Marry Men

How to add a masculine touch to a Wedding if you and your partner are getting married now that the equality bill has passed then you may be starting to look for ideas of how to decorate, what to feed your guests and signature drinks. To start you on your wedding planning journey and get you inspired here are a few of our favourite ideas for a masculine wedding:


Don’t get us wrong, you may like pink but it doesn’t exactly scream masculine wedding. Instead we love the combination of metallic grey and cool blues. It's chic, stylish and matched from your suits to the tablecloths creates a great sense of coherence. If grey or blue isn’t your kind of thing then why not go for different shades of brown and beiges? These calming colours give an event an outdoorsy rustic feel – perfect for a country celebration.

Food and Drink

A wedding is often an excuse to indulge yourself, after all it is a celebration! Only the best will do, and suit and tie chocolate strawberries are the perfect treat. You can make these yourself using white and dark chocolate but if you don’t have time the day before your wedding to make hundreds of these sweet bites then their quite easy to buy.

Another great idea that could double up as favours is the gift of moustache lollipops. These can be bought in bulk and taste delicious, plus they create an instant manly makeover in photos if you hold them up to your face.

When it comes to tipple many couples opt to have a signature cocktail at their reception. But we think a whisky bar sounds more like it! Whether straight, on the rocks or in a mixture you can’t go wrong with liquor.

Flowers and Decorations

For a classic table decoration with a difference forgo the usual napkin rings and opt for something a little more fashionable such as dickie bows or belts. These can be picked up for as little as a few pennies at pound shops and simply require shortening, so get your scissors out! Statement flowers can really make a table come to life and this idea is certainly different. If you or your partner enjoy a good ale then bring your favourite pints to life with flowers. Invest in some traditional pint glasses with handles and fill 2/3 of the way up with yellow glass beads. Cover with white florist’s foam or some fabric netting and cover the top with white flowers (we’d suggest roses). And there you have it – a pint made of flowers! They’re such great centrepieces. And who says you even have to have flowers at a wedding? Replace the bloom pinned to your jacket with a peacock feather – it will fit your colour scheme too!

chocolate strawbs


Special Touches

It’s the special finishing off touches that people often remember. That’s what makes your wedding different. Get creative with your table seating board, favours and entertainment, for some special touches that are truly amazing! Our favourite idea for a gay wedding is the use of a trellis and ties as a seating chart. Prop the trellis up and knot the ties randomly across the trellis. On the long section you can then attach the names of the people sat on each table. Match the tablecloths with the fabric of the ties and there won’t be any need to name each table separately. Or for a sweet touch why not peg your place cards using some kissing clothes pegs. Paint a suit on each side and some eyes and you have 2 little characters kissing after they say “I do”. Do you like the sound of any of these ideas? Do you have any better ones? Let us know on Twitter!