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Platinum and Gold

Platinum Rings Replace Yellow Gold as Durability Favourites

For hundreds of years, traditional simple yellow gold wedding bands served as the ultimate symbol of marriage. But yellow gold, unless alloyed with base metals is extremely soft and subject to wear. In order to make gold jewellery durable, it must be blended with a sixty percent measure of steel, reducing its valid carat weight to 9K. This is completely unsuitable for both high-grade jewellery and rings that are meant to serve as a symbol of eternity. The simple gold band that symbolised a loving union years ago is being replaced by attractive, almost chrome-like brilliant platinum rings. 

Diamonds Shine Brighter in Platinum Rings

The yellow tones of gold tend to detract brilliance from set stones such as diamonds and emeralds. This makes gold an unsuitable material for use in currently popular diamond eternity rings. The grey-white silver colour of platinum creates a mirror effect when placed beneath set diamonds as compared to the yellow backdrop of gold which forces a brilliant white to emit the yellow cast of a cheaper stone. 

Platinum Rings Better Match the Value of Precious Stones

With a one carat diamond, as used in an engagement solitaire, fetching a price from one to three thousand pounds, setting that stone into a 10 to 14 carat gold band is much like wearing costume jewellery to a coronation ball. White gold, an amalgam of nickel and pure gold does create a beautiful setting, as does sterling silver in properly matching the gleam of white diamonds, but the lessened value is inappropriate when representative of such a gift of the heart. Platinum, as a much more valuable and rare metal, is the only wise choice as a setting for precious gems. Platinum rings are perfectly matched with brilliant white diamonds.  

Not Everyone Sports a Summer Tan

Admittedly, the lustre of gold looks wonderful when set against a golden tan and worn by a golden blonde. But, a large percentage of the world's populace has skin tones ranging from pale white to olive. Titanium, silver and platinum rings are better-suited colour matches for people whose tones match the seasons Winter and Spring. Beautiful jewellery should always be chosen to match and not contrast with skin tones.  

Specialising in Beautiful Platinum Rings

A full range of beautiful platinum rings is available here at the Platinum Ring Company. Popular styles such as diamond eternity rings, diamond solitaire engagement rings and Celtic bands are all available at marvellously discounted prices. The Platinum Ring Company purchases beautiful jewellery direct from manufacturers and by marketing through online sales is able to give customers substantial savings.