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Platinum and Gold

The Benefits of Platinum and Gold Wedding Rings

Both gold and platinum wedding rings remain ever popular with couples. One of the main reasons for this is that both of these metals symbolise rare beauty and exclusivity.

A wedding ring should be beautiful, special and as unique as possible. Platinum wedding rings offer the kind of individual beauty that couples want as a symbol of their special bond with one another.

Platinum wedding rings are also chosen for their strength and durability. A wedding ring is something which will be worn for a lifetime, so it is only logical to choose one which is made from the very best metals. Both platinum and gold are more resistant to scratches and damage than many alternative metals, making them ideal for everyday wear. So you can continue to do all your daily tasks, such as the washing up, without fear of damaging your platinum wedding rings. The strength of these metals also makes them suitable for stone settings. In contrast, inferior quality metals, can become worn may result in the failure of a stone setting. With gold or platinum, this will never be an issue; they represent the perfect foundation for those who wish to add a beautiful stone to their wedding, eternity or engagement ring. They will hold the setting for years and years without the risk of losing the stone.

For a fantastic range of platinum rings set with diamonds, check out the rest of the Platinum Ring Company’s site. Both platinum and gold wedding rings can be fashioned into virtually any style. There are thousands of variations on the classic wedding ring shape.

Take for instance, the flat court platinum wedding ring, which still retains certain elegance, in comparison to more modern styles. 

Here at the Platinum Ring Company, we are proud to offer the fabulous safari collection, featuring funky animal print designs. For those who are sensitive to inferior metals such as nickel, platinum is (in our humble opinion) the only choice. They are hypoallergenic, so the wearer never has to concern themselves with irritated skin whilst wearing this everlasting symbol of their union.

For anyone seeking the highest quality rings, our website showcases a selection of beautiful rings at surprisingly affordable prices.