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Men's Wedding Rings: Merging Tradition and Style

Historical Context

The tradition of men's wedding rings is not as defined as that of women, but it is a practice that can be traced back right through history. Men are documented wearing wedding rings as far back as the time of Alexander the Great.

The Romans gave and received rings as physical representation of the legal contract of marriage. However, the value of the rings was often so great that they were not intended for daily use — they were made to be worn at special occasions. Ornate and decorated with precious and semi-precious stones, they were also a none-too-subtle indication of the wealth of the wearer.

Crisis and Comfort

Men's wedding rings fell out of fashion for a time, but the custom really came into its own during the Second World War. Many men fighting far away from home decided to wear a wedding band to connect them to and remind them of their spouse and families at home. They became a symbol of hope for many during the dark days of the war and set the trend for male wedding rings that continues to the present day. Now wearing a ring is seen as the norm for men and the vast range of styles and designs available reflects this.

Stylish Platinum

Gold used to be the traditional choice for both male and female wedding rings. (The Irish believed gold rings brought the wearer good luck.) However, today platinum wedding rings are rapidly increasing in popularity. Men's plain brushed platinum wedding rings sell extremely well as they are both understated and very stylish. Choosing a band width is very much a matter of personal taste, with many men opting for a classic 2mm platinum wedding ring.

Modern Times

Platinum wedding rings are a great choice for the modern man as they are both classy and contemporary. Many men prefer to keep their ring on at all times and platinum wedding rings are extremely hard-wearing so are perfect for today's hectic lifestyles. With the plethora of stunning platinum wedding rings available on our site, you should find it easy to choose one that is perfect for your needs. Please don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable team with any queries you may have.