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Traditional vs Alternative Weddings

Traditional Weddings

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Over the years many wedding traditions have formed within our culture which now can be seen as almost a blueprint to the perfect day. The traditional image of a wedding sees the bride in a flowing white dress and the groom in a suit. Brides wear veils in order to hide their beauty and she will always stand on the left of her groom when exchanging platinum court wedding rings. The bride will hold a bouquet of fresh flowers and confetti or rice is thrown as they exit the church venue to encourage fertility. The bouquet will then be tossed to pass the torch on to another potential bride. Many brides will wear pearls and they will be carried over the threshold by their groom. Guests give the happy couple a gift and the sentiment is returned with the present of favours to say thank you for their attendance.

Alternative Weddings

Some people may find the traditional wedding a little cheesy or outdated and want to rebel against the stereotype. The white wedding isn’t for everyone. Coloured wedding dresses are becoming popular, with stars such as Jessica Biel and Reese Witherspoon wearing powder pink gowns and Avril Lavigne rocking a black ensemble. And let’s face it, you’re not innocent enough to wear white. If you’re not one for heels you could even wear converse with your dress. Replace the wedding march with your favourite song and let your hair loose with a dance routine to the Dirty Dancing theme song or the Cha Cha Slide. You could have a colourful wedding cake and scrap the traditional wedding cars and turn up on a Harley or in a VW van. There are no rules with an alternative wedding, you can do what you want, go wild! Break the mould and do something that is personal to you and your partner.

Same sex marriage

If you are having a same sex marriage then you may want to do things your own way. This week it has been announced that by the end of March 2014 same sex weddings will be held in the UK with couples enjoying the same rights as heterosexual couples. Civil partnerships have been legal for many years now but this legalisation of marriage is a big step towards the devolving of homosexual prejudice.