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Wedding Rings: How Not to Lose Them

The wedding rings you exchange on your wedding day are a symbol of your affection. You probably couldn’t imagine losing them, but unfortunately, this does happen, so in order to prevent this, make sure you take care of your wedding rings and don’t let them out of your sight!

Platinum Wedding Rings – Insure Them

It is highly advisable to insure your platinum wedding rings once purchased. Many people think they don’t need to go to such lengths, but you might find yourself filled with regret if you do end up losing them or they get stolen and you didn’t have them insured. It’s just for that extra peace of mind, and when it comes to wedding rings, taking a chance is not worth the risk. You may find that your wedding rings are covered in your home contents insurance, but if not, it is well worth taking out the appropriate cover.

Platinum Wedding Rings – Simple Steps

To ensure you take care of your wedding rings and minimise the chance of losing or misplacing them, avoid taking your ring off in the first place. Many women remove their wedding rings before doing the washing up, and then leave it by the sink. This is a risky move – it is so easy for the ring to just slip down the drain and retrieving it can be a nightmare. If you do have to take it off, think carefully about where you intend to place it. If in the home, it might be worth going to the bedroom and placing the wedding ring in a jewellery box so you know exactly where it is. If you are a very active person, and indulge in sports such as swimming, then there is a high chance you could lose your wedding ring this way. Wedding rings can last a lifetime, but if they slip off in the swimming pool, it can be hard to find them again.

Find more info about such cases here. For men and women, it is also advisable to check the fit of your platinum wedding rings to ensure that there is little chance of them falling off. Getting the right fit to start with is important – never just “guess” the ring size of your partner when it comes to wedding rings. This is an item of jewellery that you will hopefully be wearing for a very long time.