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How to Manage Your Pre-Proposal Nerves

How to Manage Your Pre-Proposal Nerves


One of the big spoilers of a proposal can be a special day out, where you are extremely nervous and acting sketchy. So to make sure your girlfriend doesn’t expect anything, keep your nerves in check. Sound easier said than done? Here are a few calming techniques which you can try:


Deep Breaths

If when you get anxious you are prone to panic attacks, practising deep breathing may be a necessity. But however nervous you are it can be beneficial. Deep breathing makes sure enough oxygen is provided to your brain and therefore reduces stress and allows you to focus. The perfect breathing technique is to inhale for 4 seconds, hold it for 2 to 3 seconds, and then another 4 seconds to exhale. This will mean you take no more than 8 breaths a minute. Use this technique and you will feel more relaxed in no time at all.

Cognitive Diversion

If you have bought the platinum engagement ring and are conscious of the fact you have to propose soon, it can feel like the ring is burning a hole in your pocket! Cognitive diversions involve taking your mind off the task at hand with a distraction, in order to calm your mind. This is easily done – count backwards from 100 by 3s or recite the lyrics of your favourite song in your head. These actions will require your concentration and therefore are the perfect diversion technique.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Okay, so admittedly you may look a little odd if you do this in public so you may have to excuse yourself for a few minutes. This is the process of slowly tensing and relaxing your bodies muscle groups in turn. Like cognitive diversion, this will make you concentrate on something else than your fear and it will also relax your muscles. We’d recommend starting with your facial muscles and working your way down your body. Tense for 10 seconds and then release, repeat 3 times.

Guided Imagery

Go to your happy place! Guided imagery is when an individual thinks of a place where they feel peaceful and relaxed. Imagining oneself in such an environment can have a positive calming effect on the body and distract from the current situation.

Whether this place is a tranquil deserted beach, the serenity of the woods or simply imagining you are relaxing at home, slowly add details to the picture in your brain and immerse yourself in it. This will help you think clearly about your anxiety and work through it in your mind. Are you planning to propose one day soon?

Then start practising these techniques, more of them can be found on the Neuropathy Help official website – they’re quite simple. And the best of luck! If you want some inspiration for how to do it, take a look here.