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Create a Proposal with Big Personality

In this blog we have talked about the most unique proposals from the celeb world, the most memorable marriage proposals ever and traditional Vs modern proposals; but what about a proposal with big personality? Deciding on a proposal that fits you and your sweetheart’s personalities will make the engagement unique to you as a couple and make it even more memorable. So match personality to proposal with these cute ideas:

Big Kids at a Whimsical Fairground

Are you a fun loving couple who are young at heart? Then propose in an exciting environment; take your other half to the fair and propose at the top of the Ferris wheel or even on the merry-go-round. The bright lights and moving rides will add to the whirlwind romance of the proposal. Make sure there is a photo booth nearby and you can capture the joy and happiness when she says yes in a photo strip.

Paper Memories

For crafty or sentimental types a scrapbook of memories from throughout your relationship is a great personal gift. Title the last page ‘Our Engagement’ and leave some space for ‘the future’ for a symbolic proposal that requires no words.

The Perfect Dessert for a Sweet Tooth

When you go out for a meal does your partner prefer the dessert to the rest of the meal? Well, why not satisfy that longing with something sugary? Enlist the services of your local bakery and have half a dozen cupcakes made up in her favourite colour and flavour, decorated with the words ‘will’, ‘you’, ‘marry’, ‘me’, ‘?’ and one blank. You can then place the platinum engagement ring on the last one.

Tea-rific Time

Brits love a good cup of tea; we’re known for it! So a hidden message in a tea cup may be the perfect subtle marriage proposal. You can now buy mugs that have messages written on the bottom, so the message can only be read when the cup is empty. So make your love a brew and hope she drinks the whole thing!  

A World of Imagination


If you are in love with a bookworm, bring a fantasy world of imagination to life with a literary marriage proposal good enough to make the history books. You could replicate a scene from her favourite romantic novel or carve out a section of a book and hide the ring inside. That way she will get halfway through before discovering it and it’ll be a complete surprise. Do any of these proposals fit your fiancé-to-be’s personality? We hope they inspired you to pluck up the courage to ask her!