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The Most Memorable Marriage Proposals

If you have been looking at our platinum engagement rings then you may be thinking of popping the question. But how are you going to do it? On a beach, in a restaurant? Take a look at our pick of the most memorable marriage proposals across the web – it may inspire you.

‘Marry You’ Lip Sync Proposal

When Bruno Mars released the hit ‘Marry You’ we knew it would be the next hit song when it comes to getting engaged and this well-rehearsed clip proves it. When Isaac Lamp organised this flash mob with lip syncing proposal it went viral on YouTube and even made Americas The Today Show. Do you have a lot of talented friends you can rope in for a creative proposal like this?

A Mock Trailer at the Cinema Proposal

Are you and your partner film buffs that enjoy going to the cinema on a regular basis? Then take a cue from Matt Still’s and his proposal to his girlfriend Ginny. He created a mock film trailer for a fictional movie called ‘Making the Movies Jealous’ and arranged for it to be played on the big screen while they waited for their film to start.

The Life Threatening Proposal

Despite the shock and danger elements of this proposal it is highly romantic. Here a guy called Josh stands on the edge of a building while enjoying a roof party to get everyone’s attention in order to propose to his girlfriend. Sadly however as he does this he falls over the edge and plunges 4 stories downwards. He’s fine though don’t worry. As his girlfriend and the other guests rush to the side he has landed on a crash mat with ‘Will You Marry Me?’ spelt out around him. Talk about the shock of your life.

The Flight Failure Proposal

So scaring your other half into saying yes seems to be a bit of a theme with these videos. When Carly Kennedy was taken for a flight over the Chicago skyline by her pilot boyfriend Ryan Thompson she had no idea that the trip would involve a faked near death experience and she would end up engaged when they landed. Thinking that the flight was simply a valentine’s day treat Kennedy was scared stiff when Thompson said that the flight controls were not responding. Instructing his girlfriend to stay calm he handed her an emergency manual and told her to read out the instructions to the emergency procedure for him. It wasn’t until the final point that she realised that it was a roost. It said ‘Initiate the ring engagement procedure’ which lead to her boyfriend asking “will you marry me?”

The Boy Band Video Proposal

In this video posted at the beginning of 2013 this Australian man brings his entire family together during the Christmas period to surprise his American girlfriend Lauren. It’s the first time she has spent time down under so he decides to make it even more special by acting on her love of boy bands and creating his very own music video proposal with the help of a few friends.

So will you be taking a cue from any of these proposals to make yours the most memorable ever? Whatever way you ask we’re sure it will be a cherished memory between you and your partner for the rest of your lives. Good luck!