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Conquering Proposal Nerves

Asking your girlfriend to marry you can be one of the most exciting and happiest moments of your life – but it can also be the most terrifying. The pressure to create a romantic scene, keep the proposal a secret until the last moment, and choose the best of the many platinum engagement rings available can be huge. Follow this guide to keeping your cool in the run up to popping the big question, and you will be guaranteed a “Yes!”.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Preparation is the Key

If you’re unprepared to propose, then chances are you will experience greater jitters than if you have everything carefully planned in advance. Choose the date to make sure there is no possibility of it clashing with either your or her schedule, and double check with both your families that there are no events happening at that time like a birthday celebration. When you book the location for your proposal, like a romantic hotel or classy restaurant, then confirm the booking once if not twice before the event. Platinum engagement rings can do a lot of the work in wowing her into saying yes, but the effect won’t be as good in your local Chinese as in a five-star hotel in Paris or watching a sunset over the ocean.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Shop in Advance

Choosing platinum engagement rings is a skill, and you will need to leave yourself plenty of time to shop for the perfect design that will suit her style as well as your budget. Start to look months in advance of your chosen date to find the best online deals from reputable retailers of platinum engagement rings. Check the diamonds come with certification, and also how long the ring will take to be delivered. Whatever you do, don’t leave it to the last minute, and make sure you know when the package will be delivered so you can safely receive it in person. Platinum engagement rings are far too valuable for the delivery to be left to chance.

Platinum Engagement Rings – Coping with Nerves

Now that you have the engagement ring and your romantic location set up, you need to learn how to handle those pre-proposal nerves. Use some deep breathing techniques to keep you calm in the run up to the big moment, and consider using Bach Rescue Remedy to soothe your jitters before your platinum engagement ring’s on her hand. Remind yourself that she wouldn’t be with you if she didn’t love you, and getting married is a wonderful new step in your relationship. Even if she says ‘no’, it may be because she’s not quite ready and will ask you to propose again in six months’ time. But then, how many women can say no when dazzled by diamond platinum engagement rings?