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Celtic Rings: Written in the Stars

The symbolism within Celtic design amongst the druids was not limited to the representation of eternity in rings and plait-work.

Different stones were said to signify different personalities, depending on the month of birth. Wedding rings may have been inset with precious gems according to the bride or groom’s birthday – pearls for June, peridot for August and aquamarine for March – or for the date of the wedding itself.

Not only do the knot-work and precious gems have astrological significance, but the metal – platinum - also comes from the stars. It is said to represent Venus and the qualities that this god embodied such as wealth, power, love and strength.

Platinum laced meteorites first landed on Earth, in North America, two billion years ago when life on this planet was little more than simple bacteria. Since mankind evolved, this precious element has been mined sporadically throughout history. Used by the Ancient Egyptians, Incas, Spanish conquistadores and Pope Pius VI, platinum has made its presence known throughout the ages – living up to the characteristics of wealth, love, power and strength that it is said to embody.

Now, combined with beautiful, traditional Celtic craftsmanship this rare and exclusive metal makes the perfect symbol of commitment. The Celtic platinum wedding ring is a stylish fusion of ancient and modern design, sure to appeal the most discerning tastes. No matter what the future brings, these plait-work wedding rings are sure to stand the test of time.

With such a wide range of beautiful, exclusive designs to choose from, you and your partner are sure to find the perfect piece of jewellery for your special day.

Whether your ceremony is a grand affair, set against the backdrop of rolling Celtic hills, or is an intimate family gathering, these pieces are sure to demonstrate the affinity of your love.