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How to Decide Which Ring to Buy Using Astrology

Astrology is one of the most ancient belief-systems on the planet and the qualities accorded to birthstones have long been held in high esteem in astrological circles. Certain stones are believed to have certain powers or attributes.

Each start sign has its own birthstone traditionally associated with it. As a result, it is not just decorative jewellery that sports these stones; significant jewellery, such as engagement and wedding rings are to be found carrying birthstones with more regularity.

As well as reflecting the personality of the wearer, they are said to be able to have a positive influence on that person’s destiny and luck. There are nine primary birthstones, in accordance with Indian astrology: ruby, coral, pearl, diamond, emerald, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, ‘gomed’ and tiger’s eye.

They represent the nine planets and are believed to offset the negative energies that each planet can generate. However, engagement and wedding rings do not have to just sport one birthstone; you can organise a combination of two or more or purchase a ‘navaratna’ ring. This ring holds one of each of the nine birthstones and is said to ward off the negative energies of all of the planets. In addition to the nine primary birthstones, there is a sub-division of secondary stones that can be worn as substitutes.

These include stones such as topaz, aquamarine and moonstone. A little research into the properties offered by these stones will let you know which are the most suitable for your partner.

Alternatively, you might want to seek the services of a professional astrologer who will be able to create an advisory chart for you. The type of stone may also have some bearing on the type of metal used for the ring.

Generally speaking, the primary birthstones tend to be set in gold, making them perfect for wedding rings, but personal choice or an astrological consultation may determine the use of a different metal. It is also usual for the stone to be set slightly above the band itself, to allow light to pass through.This is believed to enhance the psychological and physiological properties offered by the birthstone.