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Creating a Festival Wedding

Creating a Festival Wedding

With Coachella well and truly underway, we thought we’d take the time to draw some inspiration for a festival wedding. Perfect for the summer season, festival weddings offer a fun, chilled day for everyone at every age to enjoy.

The Wellies

Wedding Wellies Photography by Tommy Reynolds.

Especially in the UK, but not so much in the desert, wellies are a must for a festival. Whether you’re wearing them or using them as decor, they make a great accessory. On the plus side, if it rains, you’re very prepared!

Flamboyant Flags

Festival Flags Photography by Tommy Reynolds.

You can’t go to a festival without wandering past a field of flamboyant, multicoloured flags. A great way to add impact and a real music-inspired vibe, these flags are fun and cheerful, even on a gloomier day.

Under Canvas

Festival Tipis Photography by Story and Colour.

Cheerful and practical! Tipi's are a great way to provide cover whilst giving you a large airy space to gather your friends and family. The upside to these is that you can use the space how you wish, so get creative!

Spell It Out

Wedding Sign Photography by Story and Colour.

A personal touch that makes a great photo opportunity! Using your surname to create your very own festival is a unique idea that your guests will adore. Remember - the bigger the letters the better! (Bonus points if you can get them to light up).

Build A Bonfire

Wedding Bonfire Photography by Lily Sawyer.

A fantastic part of the day for all the family to look forward to, a bonfire is an event in itself. Wait ‘til the sun starts setting and get to roasting those marshmallows with a cider in hand.

Set Up Camp

Wedding Camp Photography by Emma Stoner.

An amazing experience for guests, providing a place to camp at your festival wedding gives your party the real deal! Just don’t forget to hire porta loos! What do you think about a wedding festival? If you love or even hate the idea, let us know on Facebook or Twitter! We love to hear your thoughts.