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Enduring Qualities of Platinum

Treasured Throughout History Platinum has long been regarded as the high-end choice for both engagement and wedding bands.

It has many qualities that make it perfect for this use. Platinum is one of the rarest metals on earth. It is mentioned in historical writings as far back as the sixteenth century and it popularity has been growing ever since. Its name comes from the Spanish 'platina', which translates as 'little silver' and this reflects its beautiful grey-white colour. Several of the world's most famous jewels, including the Hope diamond, are set in platinum, reflecting its desirability.

Platinum wedding rings are a sound investment and, more importantly, are a thing of beauty that will last forever.


One of the most remarkable qualities of platinum is that, unlike most precious metals, it retains its strength over time and so is regarded by the romantic among us as the perfect analogy for marriage. Platinum wedding rings will not tarnish and the striking colour will not fade. It is amongst the most durable of metals and its density ensures that it will retain its shape and lustre, making it ideal as a wedding ring that is to be worn every day.


The natural purity of platinum makes it the perfect choice for anyone who suffers from metal allergies.


A pure platinum wedding ring is the perfect token for marriage. Its rarity makes it special. Far less plentiful than gold, it is only found in a few locations on earth. It takes ten tonnes of platinum ore to yield one ounce of pure platinum. Its rarity ensures that jewellery made from platinum will always hold its value.


Platinum wedding rings come in a variety of styles and design and are perfect for both men and women. Many bridegrooms opt for men's plain brushed platinum wedding rings to make a low-key yet stylish statement. Many thicknesses are available to suit every taste.

A 2mm platinum wedding ring has a delicate beauty and will look extremely elegant on any hand. Platinum wedding rings are the perfect choice when committing to marriage. This most prestigious and rarest of metals can be crafted by experts into a symbol of eternal love that will last for generations.

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