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Wedding Day Checklist: Part 3

Wedding Day Checklist: Part 3

Your platinum wedding rings should have been in hand for some time now, not to worry if not, there is still plenty of time. 3 to 2 months before your wedding day is a key time and a lot needs to be done. The secret to a successful and stress free day is to deal with wedding plans in manageable chunks leading up to your wedding day.

That’s why the Platinum Ring Company has devised these useful check lists to help make life easier for our customers.

3 months before your platinum wedding rings get exchanged:

1. Around 3 months before the wedding you should be thinking about arranging suit fittings for the groomsmen.

2. If you haven’t already chosen and bought your platinum wedding rings, you will probably want to do this now and perhaps make sure they match your platinum engagement rings.

3. You should have planned your guest list by now, it’s the perfect time to send out invitations to all your guests at around 3 months prior to your wedding day. It’s enough notice but not so far in advance that people are likely to have forgotten about it.

4. Now is the time to agree and finalise all the wedding flowers required for your wedding day.

5. You should start thinking about the ceremony arrangements now, things like the readings you would like, vows, ceremony music and so on.

6. It’s a good idea to begin thinking about first dance ideas and also to start compiling song list requests, this includes songs you don’t want playing!

7. Begin buying and making table decorations, if you’re ordering them or calling a favour it’s good to get this done around 3 months beforehand.

8. Buy your wedding shoes, this is a far more important decision than you might think, remember you will be wearing these all day from morning to evening, so make sure they fit well and have a good walk around in them before you buy, it could ruin your day if they are ill fitting or totally uncomfortable.

9. Buy all your wedding accessories, including veil, jewellery etc.

2 months before your platinum wedding rings get exchanged:

1. Confirm with the minister or registrar the readings and vows you have decided upon.

2. Organise a suit fitting for the groom and ushers.

3. Confirm the full ceremony details with the minister or registrar including the order of service.

4. Have a trial run with your make-up artist and hairdresser and make any final tweaks to your look for the big day.

5. Buy your guest book. See part 4 for more help with organising your big day as it gets closer and closer.