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Nail Art for Your Big Day

Nail Art for Your Big Day

Are you looking for nail art designs for your wedding day? You’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our favourite designs and you’ll no doubt find bridal inspiration for your big day. We’ve found a couple of nail designs that are perfect for not just you brides, but your bridesmaids too!

Every girl has a dream to have the ‘perfect’ wedding; a spectacular venue, gorgeous dress, gourmet food and an amazing photographer to capture those memorable moments. However, one thing that often gets forgotten about or left to the very last minute is nails. With so much attention being drawn to your fingers to see your wedding ring, those nails of yours should look immaculate. Why? It’s all very well having a stunning platinum wedding ring but if your nails are in a bad way, it ruins the look completely. So beautify your hands with these gorgeous nail art designs:

French With a Twist

French nails are a classic manicure design, but why not give it a fun update with a tip of glitter? It’s really easy to do yourself but of course you’ll have your bridesmaids with you to offer a helping hand. In fact, if you decide to have a bit of a pamper session for your hen do; you could trial glitter French tips out on each other. Not only is this a fantastic way to have a girly day with your best friends, (prosecco can of course make an appearance) by the time it gets to your wedding day, you’ll be able to paint each others' nails in your sleep! Here’s how to get gorgeous and glittery nails:

You’ll need:

  • Apply a clear base coat to all of your nails, and then let them dry for a minute or so.

  • Apply your glitter nail polish to the tips of your nails and finish off with a top coat to seal in your classy and fun nails. Et voilà: French nails with a twist.

Dots and Flowers

If you’re obsessed with intricate patterns then nail art that features dots and flowers is right up your street (or aisle!). Whilst a detailed manicure can often be quite pricey, we’ve found an exclusive nail design that's easy enough to DIY and gorgeous enough to wear on your wedding day. Here’s how you do it:

You’ll need:
  •   Sheer pink or nude base colour

  •   Nail polish for flowers and dots in your choice of colours

  •   Silicone baking cup, small glass or metal cup

  •   Fine glitter in silver or white

  •   Clear nail polish

  •   Clear-based polish with dense glitter

  •   Quick-dry top coat

  •   Toothpick

Apply the base colour all over and once dry, mix a pea-sized amount of glitter and polish in the cup. Then paint this mixture across your nails horizontally, going about one-third of the way down the nail. Leave to dry.

Using your dense glitter polish, paint a horizontal stripe on top of the nail. As a guide, it should be half the width of the first glitter stripe. Add between one and three coats, depending on personal preference but be sure to leave each coat dry.

Use a toothpick dipped in your choice of colour and put a few drops of nail polish in your cup. Dip the toothpick in and touch to the nail.  Five dots in a circle make a flower, just be sure to add a contrasting colour in the middle for the flower's centre.

Apply the top coat and you're done!

So there you have it: Two truly stunning ways to paint your nails for your wedding day. Next thing to do is your perfect pedicure in one of the local salon grade pedicure spas you usually sit comfortably in to completely relax and just enjoy life, but that one is another story.

Nail art like this is certain to show off your ring beautifully. Haven’t yet found the one for you?