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Platinum Rings – A Buyers Guide

Platinum Rings – A Buyers Guide

If you’re thinking about buying a platinum ring, look no further than  Platinum Ring Company. At Platinum Ring Company, we offer quality platinum rings at discounted prices. We sell beautifully crafted high-quality rings which are made by award winning British manufacturers.

Why Choose the Platinum Ring Company?

We recommend you choose the Platinum Ring Company for the following reasons:
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Why Should I Choose A Platinum Ring?

Purity - A Platinum ring's purity endows it with a brilliant white lustre. This helps to reflect the true radiance of diamonds. Because it is generally 95% pure (18 carat gold is 75% pure) platinum jewellery does not fade or tarnish and keeps its look for a lifetime. Its purity makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Rarity - Platinum rings are rare. There is very little platinum on this earth and it is found in very few places around the world. This exquisite metal is 35 times rarer than gold. This rarity makes it exclusive and distinctive - a celebration of your individuality.

Eternity - Like all precious metals, platinum rings scratch. However, the scratch on a platinum ring is merely a displacement of the metal and none of its volume is lost. So, even though wearing your platinum ring each and every day may leave an impression on the surface, it remains what it was - a symbol for all things eternal.  

Caring For Your Platinum Ring

  • Store pieces separately in a jewellery box or chamois bag so they don't get scratched by other items of jewellery.
  • Remove your platinum ring when doing manual work.
  • Don't handle bleach or harsh chemicals when wearing your platinum ring. Although they won't hurt the platinum, chemicals may discolour some of the softer gemstones.
  • Clean your platinum ring periodically in the same way you clean other fine jewellery - using a pre-packaged jewellery cleaner or by soaking it in a mild solution of soap and warm water then gently rubbing it with a soft cloth.
  • Have your platinum ring professionally cleaned once in a while.
  • If looked after properly your platinum ring should not need to be repaired. For resizing. polishing and cleaning look for a qualified jeweller with a platinum trained bench worker.