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Platinum Wedding Rings: A Buying Guide

It’s a big investment buying platinum wedding rings - not just a financial one but an emotional one too. So you need to be prepared when you decide to start looking to buy your platinum wedding rings.

1. Where to look for platinum wedding rings

The first thing you need to decide is where to look for your platinum wedding rings. Although it can be useful to go around the jewellery shops to try on rings and see how they look and feel, the best place to buy is online. As long as the website is that of a reputable jeweller, it’s the best place to get value for money. How do you know the website is reputable? Check for the following:
  • Contact details
Check for a physical address and telephone number - you don’t want to buy in the virtual world and discover that the too-good-to-be-true discounted platinum wedding rings were in fact, virtual too! If you need to exchange products or otherwise contact a retailer, it's reassuring to know they have a physical presence.
  • Information and choice
A reputable and good platinum wedding ring website will have a wide variety of rings on offer and plenty of information.
  • Who are they?
You should also check out the company profile - if they are a company that has a large headquarters and have been operating for a number of years that is reassuring that their goods are of quality and the service is reliable.  
  • Look for guarantees and warrantees.

2. Invest time and effort

As well as the financial cost, your platinum wedding rings need to last a lifetime - don’t spend too much energy on the flowers for your wedding which will last a day, invest that energy into your rings. Start looking six months before the big day so you are sure on the platinum wedding rings you decide on and don’t leave it to the last minute. You don’t want to settle for any old ring.

3. Budget

Weddings are expensive affairs, but you should make a decision how to spend the money. The reception, dress and décor are there to make one day special but your ring is something that will last a lifetime. Set money aside for your platinum wedding rings early on so you don’t have to scrimp on the most important symbol of your marriage.

4. Shop together

Your platinum wedding rings are the most romantic and important symbol for a couple, so shop together. The experience shouldn’t be rushed and buying rings is an art form in itself with engravings, stones and tri-coloured options. Finding the right platinum wedding rings to suit you requires thought. Whichever style of rings you choose, you want them to last a lifetime, so start early, invest wisely and choose platinum wedding rings for the best quality, style and durability money can buy.

The Platinum Ring Company was established to offer quality Platinum wedding rings at discounted prices. We are able to offer such discounts because we have no costly premises and are able to keep our overheads low by dealing with the manufacturers directly.

Having been in the retail jewellery business for over a decade, the products we offer represent classic examples of beautifully crafted, high quality rings, manufactured by the best, award winning, British manufacturers.