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Platinum Wedding Rings: Bizarre Stories

Nice Day for a White Wedding

If you’ve ever watched a wedding movie you just know that something is going to happen to the wedding ring. Disaster is always just around the corner it seems - somebody forgets the rings, loses the rings, or they fall down the gutter. Real life thankfully isn’t usually as dramatic as the movies. But you will be wearing your wedding ring for decades, which is why it is worth spending that little bit extra and investing in a platinum wedding ring.

Why invest in a platinum wedding ring?

White gold is alloyed with copper and silver along with small amounts of nickel and zinc to achieve a white look. As a result, it doesn't have the same purity, strength, durability, rarity or the natural white luminescence of platinum. Platinum weights 60% more than 14k gold, which makes a huge difference in its beauty and durability. If you’re going to buy a wedding ring, buy a platinum wedding ring.

Bizarre wedding ring stories

Wedding rings can go through some extreme conditions in a lifetime. Not just from washing dishes, playing sport or swimming - although everyday life means you should invest in a platinum wedding ring for its durability. For some unfortunate souls, their wedding ring endures a lot more. One woman lost a silver wedding anniversary ring while gardening only to be reunited with it 37 years later.


The last thing you’d think about when looking for your perfect platinum wedding ring is to worry whether it will withstand a snake attack. But for one exotic pet owner, his snake got stuck in his wedding wring after wriggling into it and getting jammed. Firefighters had to chop the ring off - the snake made a full recovery.

Lost at sea

Underwater metal enthusiast Neal Bashor found a wedding band on the bed of the Caribbean Sea. Unfortunately, the ring was made of gold and the water had affected the metal - it didn’t have the durability of a platinum wedding ring - and it showed the effects of six years under the ocean. Bashor has however reunited lost rings with their owners. He spent two days searching for a $2,000 platinum wedding ring lost by one couple, and thankfully, found it.If you want a ring that will endure the adventures of a lifetime, invest in a platinum wedding ring.

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