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'Two Rings' for Two Happy Marriages

Politician Vince Cable was dubbed 'two rings' Cable after he revealed a romantic side to his personality in Radio Four's Desert Island Discs. On the show, he revealed that he wears two wedding rings. Unlike some men who can go through a divorce, or become widowed and remarry, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats didn't feel the need to take off his wedding rings. In fact, he wore his two wedding rings he said to celebrate every day his two 'very happy' marriages.

The Politics of Wedding Rings

Wedding rings can certainly become political. Divorce is a reality, and increasingly marriages are second marriages, or even third ones. It takes a rare individual to wear wedding rings from a previous marriage. If a man wears his previous wedding rings, his future bride could feel insecure or second best. And wearing more than one wedding ring somehow contests the symbolism of wedding rings – that they represent one, eternal union of two people. But for many people, loving one person in their lifetime is rare. And there is something undeniably romantic about Vince Cable wearing both wedding rings as a celebration of both his wives.

Wedding Rings – Second Time Round

The other fall-out of divorce means more people have unwanted wedding rings. Not all marriages end amicably, and the wedding rings can become something negative. Pawnshops are full of unwanted wedding rings, and in America ads declaring 'a divorce for me means cheap wedding rings for you' are regular occurrences. In some cases, the wedding rings may still hold huge sentimental value, but the reality of their economic value is more pressing – times are certainly hard thanks to the global credit crunch.

The idea of selling wedding rings because they are unwanted reminders of an unhappy marriage is more bearable than selling cherished wedding rings because the wearer is desperate for cash. But for many newly weds, the idea of wearing somebody else's unwanted, second-hand wedding rings is a compromise too far. Wedding rings should represent your future, your love and your commitment to each other.

Choosing your wedding rings is one of the most important steps you'll take in a marriage – remember, you'll be wearing your wedding rings every day of your married life. Make sure you choose wedding rings you'll love.