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Wedding Traditions From Around the World

The exchange of platinum wedding rings is a common practice at weddings here in the UK however wedding traditions vary immensely around the world between different countries, cultures, religious groups, and social classes. Many wedding ceremonies have a few things in common such as the exchange of vows, the passing of gifts and the confirmation of marriage by an authoritative figure, also special outfits are often worn and the reading of prayers, poetry and literature are shared amongst guests.

This article explores the weird and wonderful wedding traditions around the world. Platinum wedding rings are a popular choice to symbolise the confirmation of the wedding it is unclear how long this tradition has been running for but traditionally it was just the woman that received a wedding ring, in the UK it is now custom for both members of the marriage to wear a ring.

One of the running themes throughout wedding ceremonies around the world is the focus of attention on the outfit of the bride to be. In many western societies it has become custom for the bride to wear a white dress and veil, it is believed that this became popular after the wedding of Queen Victoria, the colour white is symbolic of purity and peace. In China the traditional formal wear for women is called a cheongsam these are similar to the kimonos worn by Japanese women on their wedding day.

In India the most popular style of dress is the sari, which consists of a very long length of cloth wrapped around the body in a particular way; these are popular in a wide range of colours and patterns. The outfit traditions also vary for men with those in Scotland often wearing a tartan kilt. As part of the Bengali Hindu wedding ceremony the groom wears a conical shaped hat called a Topor which is elaborately decorated and believed to bring good luck. In China men wear what is known as a Hanfu which is a type of silk robe that is floor length, with long, wide sleeves and secured with a sash or belt around the waist.

At the Platinum Ring Company we have a huge range of platinum wedding rings for you to choose from including mens platinum wedding rings. Keep your eyes open for Part 2 to find out more about wedding traditions from around the world.