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Wedding Venue Ideas

Once you have chosen the perfect platinum wedding ring from Platinum Ring Company the wedding plans can begin! The biggest choice of them all that sets the tone for the whole day is not the colour of the flowers or cut of your dress, but the venue. With so many ideas, like this great Fremantle location or beautiful palaces to golden beaches we have put together a few top venue ideas to hold your dream day with the perfect platinum ring on your finger.  

Tiara time A royal palace or medieval castle is the perfect place for a fairy tale wedding topped off with the fact you are wearing a bespoke platinum wedding ring, the most precious metal worn by many a royal themselves.  

Quirky and Unique From fairgrounds to windmills, light houses to forest clearings a wedding that’s personal to you and your partner’s classic quirky characteristics is sure to be a day to remember for you and your friends and family. At the Platinum Ring Company, we have a wide range of styles, including our Safari Collection, so we are sure we have the perfect ring to complement your individual style.  

Chic and Sleek A hotel wedding is truly a luxurious place to hold a wedding and is the ideal setting to show off an equally luxurious and exquisite platinum ring from Platinum Ring Company, being the bride/groom you will be the guest of the day and treated as preciously as the metal on your finger.  

Beach life Be it a private beach hotel or a marquee on golden sands a beach venue can only mean a truly chilled and blissful wedding venue. You won’t have to worry about your precious ring tarnishing as you take a dip in the sea and relax on the sand as platinum has a very high resistance to wear and tear and needs very little care.  

Whether you want a statement venue or something simple and low key, you can be sure you have a truly stunning ring for any setting from Platinum Ring Company. For the rest of time, your beautiful ring can be comfortably worn whatever the occasion but can be assured to make you feel as special as the precious metal it is made from.