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Weird Marriage Laws

At Platinum Ring Company we aim to make your wedding totally perfect with our platinum wedding rings. Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life and our rings are the ideal choice to symbolise the love, friendship and commitment between you and your partner. However, in some parts of the world, it’s not all sweetness and love. Bizarre laws that are in place seem to completely take the love and fun out of marriage. Read on for the weirdest marriage laws around the world that had us shocked here at Platinum Ring Company…

A wedding day without the bride/groom

In the U.S. states Colorado, California, Montana and Texas it is legal for people in the U.S. armed forces to have a marriage by proxy – which means someone can stand in for you on your wedding day! Shockingly, in Montana, the law goes one step further and states that neither bride nor groom has to be there.

Sharing a kiss on Sunday

It's Sunday, both of you have the day off and you choose to take a romantic stroll through your local park. Feeling romantic you choose to share a little kiss and busted you find yourself locked up…that’s if you are in Hartford, Connecticut. Here it is illegal to share a kiss on a Sunday as it is the Lords day. We are sure this law isn’t taken seriously anymore but it’s still in place to this day.

Marrying a deceased person

In France, it is legal to marry a deceased person who was intending to get married whilst alive. This is known as a posthumous marriage, in order for the marriage to go ahead and be approved by the law the family of the deceased must stand as witnesses for the couple’s intention to be married.

Forgetting your wife’s birthday

A classic mistake within any marriage is forgetting your partner’s birthday. In Samoa this is illegal, but only for men. If a husband forgets his wife’s birthday he will not only be in serious trouble with her but also with the law. We don’t know about you but here at Platinum Ring Company, we are glad we live in the UK where getting married simply means commitment and love …without anyone standing in for your partner or getting arrested for forgetting a birthday.

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