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Why Pick Platinum Wedding Rings?

When you get married, there's so much to think about, from the dress and the flowers to planning your honeymoon. Often people forget to give enough thought to one of the most important things about the big day – the rings. Getting engaged is all about the ring.

Men find themselves under immense pressure to choose exactly the right engagement ring and with so many different styles and stones to choose from, it can be overwhelming. As a result, when it comes to the wedding itself, many people think that choosing a suitable wedding band is easy.

However, there is now a wider variety of wedding rings on the market than ever before and with such a huge range of styles, both for men and for women, you need to think carefully in order to find the right ones for you. Traditionally, plain yellow-gold wedding bands have been the most popular choice when getting married, but in recent years many couples have opted for something a little different.

From white-gold and platinum wedding rings to diamond-studded bands, there's now a lot of room for creativity when choosing your rings. There are many reasons why platinum has become a particularly popular choice for couples getting married.

Despite being a very hard metal, precious platinum is surprisingly malleable, making it the ideal choice if you're thinking of choosing a shaped wedding ring as an alternative to the traditional straight band.

Platinum wedding rings can easily be studded with jewels or engraved to make an extra-special, unique piece of jewellery which is bound to make you stand out from the crowd.

A slender 2mm platinum wedding ring with a delicate engraving will look beautiful on any woman's hand and will serve as an elegant reminder of those all-important wedding vows.

Moreover, platinum comes in a variety of finishes, from shiny polished effects to more relaxed matte looks. And men's plain brushed platinum wedding rings are a popular choice because of their understated and masculine edge. Of course, platinum is not only a durable and versatile material — it's also one of the rarest metals on the planet, making it a precious and often pricey option.

What better way to mark your promise of undying love than by exchanging personalised platinum wedding rings on the big day