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Engagement Rings: Following Fashion

Trends in engagement rings change just as much as they do with clothes and other accessories. To make sure your ring stays ahead of the crowd and keeps up with the hottest styles, follow this essential guide to engagement ring fashions.

Celebrity Trendsetters

If you want to keep up with the latest fashions in engagement rings, then you need to keep an eye on what the A-list celebrities are sporting on their left hands. The fact that J-Lo’s infamous pink diamond ring was the most copied item of jewellery is testament to the influence that celebrity engagement rings can have on the styles to be seen with. Recent Hollywood engagements include Scarlett Johansson, Avril Lavigne, singer Fergie and Carmen Electra, who are all wearing different styles of engagement rings from small and subtle diamonds, to vintage styles and even a black diamond in the case of Electra.

Back in Time

One of the key fashions for engagement rings is the vintage style, as worn by countless celebrities. Madonna was a forerunner of this trend with her hand-engraved Edwardian-style ring. Modern jewellery designers are capitalising on this trend by adding geometric patterns, floral cutwork and milgrained edges to create filigree effects suitable for younger, feminine brides. Antique-cut diamonds are enjoying a revival, with the ‘pillow cut’ and ‘cushion-cut’ styles increasing in popularity. These were the hottest rings to have a century ago due to their rounded corners and large facets that increased sparkle in soft candlelight. Now these platinum engagement rings can give the wearer a lovely soft, feminine, romantic look, rather than being too fiery and flashy.

Big is Beautiful

Large diamonds are a trend that will seemingly never go out of fashion, and there will always be one A-lister sporting a huge rock on her hand at any one time. Catherine Zeta-Jones flashed about a 10-carat antique ring from Michael Douglas, and Mariah Carey was the proud owner of a mulit-million dollar pink diamond from her fiancée. Not every couple will be able to afford something akin to the whopping Burton-Taylor diamond though, so it is worth shopping smart and seeking out the most competitive prices for the best quality engagement rings. Online retailers can keep their prices down because of low overheads, and will have a huge range to choose from, so you can be sure to pin down that hot trend for a fraction of the price celebrities are paying.