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Men Love Platinum Too

Thanks to the likes of Beckham, more men are buying platinum diamond rings – not for their girlfriends, but for themselves. At one time men wearing jewellery just wasn’t the done thing, but Beckham changed all that with his penchant for all things high fashion. Along with platinum diamond rings, the footballer has sported a sarong, nail varnish and a variety of other diamond encrusted objects.

Footballers love Platinum Diamond Rings

It isn’t just the footballers who seem to love platinum diamond rings – stars like David Guest seem more interested in the size of their own diamond rings then buying jewellery for their loved ones. But the idea of platinum diamond rings on men has come on leaps and bounds since the days of David Guest – the undisputed King of Bling. Now, gangsters, rappers and footballer have reclaimed jewellery as macho.

Celebrities go Platinum

It may be platinum diamond rings for the Beckhams but David Gest made a name for himself for his love of diamond encrusted crucifixes. Although married to Liza Minelli, it seems his love of jewellery even out-did hers. But it’s David Beckham who is the real leader of the Bling Brigade. He has inspired boys not only to kick a football and get a particular hair style; he’s encouraged them to buy platinum diamond rings as a style and status statement. Rappers such as 50 Cent and P Diddy have also headed the trend for men investing in jewellery. Sales of platinum diamond rings have boomed. Studies have shown that men prefer white gold and platinum over gold. Combined with the Beckham penchant for diamonds, it’s no wonder sales of platinum diamond rings have increased.

I’ll Have Diamonds with that…

Beckham not only loves his platinum diamond rings, he seems to love everything with diamonds on – he is said to own diamond encrusted watches and even diamond studded mobile phones. David Beckham has taken the fear out of wearing jewellery – something some men may feel threatened by. But football and fashion have become close bed partners, and if Beckham says it’s okay to wear platinum diamond rings then it’s okay for men to wear platinum diamond rings. And Beckham is definitely leading the bling pack – at a recent press conference he was spotted wearing a huge diamond-encrusted Franck Muller watch.